29 novembre 2016

For Your Consideration

Greetings! You paid for yesterday's invoice - the total sum was $3660.
Unfortunately, you hadn't included the item #52823-12151 of $591.
Please transfer the remainder as soon as possible.

All details are in the attachment. Please check it out to see whether we are right.

24 novembre 2016

Order #6333744

Dear ecolibri.nath, sending the receipt for the order #6333744.
You made it last week. Please check it out as soon as possible.

The receipt with all info is in the attached file.

21 novembre 2016

Spam mailout

Dear ecolibri.nath

We've been receiving spam mailout from your address recently.
Contents and logging of such messages are in the attachment.

Please look into it and contact us.

Best Regards,
Rosalyn Chaney
ISP Support
Tel.: (484) 180-95-99

10 novembre 2016

unauthorized access

Our technical support service has detected unauthorized access to your account.

Due to that, we had to block your account until you confirm your personal information.
To do so, please follow the instructions in the attachment.

Best Regards,
Anita Hays
Technical Support

7 novembre 2016

Health Insurance

Dear ecolibri.nath, this is from the insurance company concerning with your health insurance.
The new insurance contract is attached.
Please look over it and let us know if you have questions.

Best Wishes,
Wes Hewitt